Management of Greenways


Greenways Management

The Greenways are managed through the s.355 Greenways Management Committee (see more below) of the Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council (QPRC).

Principles for management of the Greenways

  1. That environmental protection be observed in relation to the management and administration of the Greenways;
  2. That the Greenways (both land and its other resources) be used and managed as a sustainable resource, and;
  3. That multiple use and enjoyment of the greenways be encouraged.

Objectives of the s.355 Greenways Management Committee

In providing for the good management of the Greenway and in carrying out duties, the committee has the following objectives:

  • To encourage and otherwise ensure the conservation of natural flora and fauna, to raise public awareness of the importance of the Greenways and to encourage any community participation in any actions required in the Management Plan;
  • Use of the Greenways in accordance with the Management Plan;
  • To minimise the effect of trampling and soil erosion caused by user groups;
  • To deter the introduction and spread of feral plants and animals;
  • To protect the waterways, ephemeral or permanent;
  • To protect all identified significant areas or sites, whether environmental or cultural;
  • To provide and maintain the amenity of the Greenways for the enjoyment of the community.

Greenways Master Plan DRAFT : January 2024

Consultation is being sought for the Draft  Greenways Master Plan
This is due to go to council and feedback is being requested from members of the community.

Master Plan January 24 Final Consultation Draft

Written feedback is welcomed.

For Bywong residents please send your feedback to  before our next BCA meeting on 15 February so that a combined view of Bywong residents can be forwarded to Kathy Handel, Deputy Chair, Greenways Committee.

Alternatively, comments can be sent direct to Kathy at

Greenways Master Plan: December 2020

A master plan for the Greenways– Greenways Master Plan (Version 1.1)  was prepared by the s.355 Greenways Management Committee, in collaboration with GRoW, following a public meeting in November 2016.

The plan was published in December 2018 and outlines a number of new potential greenway routes across Bywong & Wamboin.

A REVISED UPDATED Greenways Master Plan (Version 1.2) December 2020

Map of current and future greenways.

Current Greenways network with future potential routes highlighted in green. From the Greenways Master Plan 2018 v.1.1

s.355 Greenways Management Committee

The Committee comprises representatives of the primary Greenways user groups and carries out necessary maintenance works through periodic working bees that are supported by voluntary labour provided by local residents.

MINUTES of s.355 Committee meetings are available for DOWNLOAD here:







Committee can be contacted through the s.355 Greenways Management Committee Chair, Kathy Handel

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