Jun 062019

Expressions of interest from Artists whom wish to be a part of the QPRC Arts trail.

Bywong Community Assn is looking for any artists whom wish to be a part of the QPRC arts trail but don’t want someone rocking up to their house. 

We have many talented people locally and we thought that the community hall could be opened for those artists who want to share their art only and not where they live!

please message us via Facebook if you are interested.

There may be a small fee (similar to the meet the makers expo) to cover hall hire and insurance costs. You would then be entitled to a table to set up your art/craft etc…

We are considering having a drawing class on offer for any visitors on the arts trail, and potentially could have any music or dance performances as well.

If you are interested please message us to let us know what you would be bringing to the display.

May 232019

Bywong Community Inc (association) Events & Meetings for the rest of 2019

Unless otherwise advertised meetings start at 7:30 pm at the Bywong Hall 

For special events like Xmas Drinks & Nibbles and the Trivia night keep an eye out for the specific events details.

20 June – Meeting
18 July – Meeting
20 July (Trivia Night)
15 August (AGM) – Meeting
19 September – Meeting
17 October – Meeting
21 November – Meeting
6 December (Xmas Drinks & Nibbles) – Meeting

Save them to your Calendar now!!

Oct 222018

The Geary’s Gap Pony Club and the Bywong Community Association are holding a joint fundraiser to help fund some security measures at the Bywong Hall, after recent thefts and anti social behaviour.

Come along for an afternoon of socializing, fundraising and good company. Bring your wallet as there will be local crafts, a raffle and other opportunities to help us raise money.

Many thanks to Tony Mansfield of ‘Contentious Character’ for his very generous donation of wines for the coming monster raffle for the Pony Club function on November 11th 2018.
As a gesture of thanks, and on behalf of the Bywong Community Association and the Pony Club, JP presented Tony with a canvas print of the Chateau de Chambord drawing he recently completed and printed.

Jul 172018

The Bywong Community Inc fundraising post cards of Bungendore are for sale at the Bungendore Community Bank.

The set of six cards have been created by Bywong resident JP Favre and showcase some of the most notable buildings in the town.

A great gift for visitors or something to post overseas to friends and family.

The set of six costs $12.00 and is great value as they come with individual envelopes!

The bank also has some of the “Why I live where I live” cards (also with envelope) and a few of the Bungendore tea towels, which are also available from Foodlovers Market bungendore, for $15.00 per tea towel and $3.00 per card.

These are all great gifts to show people what Bungendore’s historical buildings look like, as well as helping the Bywong Community Inc raise money for events, activities, and infrastructure up in Bywong.