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The Bywong Community Association is a residents group aimed at strengthening connections between local people in Bywong – through holding events that bring the local community together – and providing a forum for raising and resolving local issues. Our community can only be as strong as you make it- through involvement and interest. If you value what your community can do for you- then become involved and make it a vital and strong community.

The Association organises a number of annual events including the biggest, the Bywong Community Car Boot Sale. More information about our events can be located under Events. You can find out more about joining the Association or contacting us with your enquiry.


Current Committee Members 2016-2017
President Mike Wilkins
Secretary Jeanette Krah
Treasurer Jean-Pierre Favre
Public Officer Peter Zimmerman
Committee Members Bob Angel, Steve Walker, Kerry Cox, Anne Goonan


Committee Meetings, Reports, etc…
Date Event Files
10 APR 2017 General Meeting BCA_GM_20170412_Minutes_Draft



28 NOV 2016 General Meeting BCA_GM_20161128_ Agenda, Minutes ?



18 OCT 2016 Extraordinary Meeting Agenda ?, BCA_EM_20161018_Minutes
17 OCT 2016 General Meeting BCA_GM_20161017_Agenda, Minutes ?
13 SEP 2016 Extraordinary Meeting BCA_EM_20160913_Agenda, BCA_EM_20160913_Minutes
17 AUG 2016 Annual General Meeting


General Meeting

BCA_GM_20160817_Agenda, BCA_AGM_20160817_Minutes_DraftBCA_AGM_20160817_Agenda

BCA_Treasurer’s Report_20160817

14 JUN 2016 General Meeting Agenda ?, BCA_GM_20160614_Minutes
21 APR 2016 General Meeting BCA_GM_20160421_Agenda, BCA_GM_20160421_Minutes
09 FEB 2016 General Meeting BCA_GM_20160209_Agenda, BCA_GM_20160209_Minutes
BCA_President’s Report 2015-16
10 AUG 2015 Agenda ?, BCA_AGM_20150810_Minutes_Draft
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