The Bywong/Wamboin Greenways network comprises some 30 km of council reserves and road verges. Most of these council reserves were formerly crown road reserves or travelling stock routes that were transferred to council when the Greenways were originally established. The network has become a valuable community asset (perhaps still unique in the State), developed and maintained by community members through a committee of Council. In addition to its recreational use, the generally untouched nature of the land involved presents islands of endemic species, providing a unique opportunity to retain and revitalise areas of native vegetation.

Further information about the Greenways network, including its history, network can be found in the Greenways Master Plan (Version 1.1) and on the History and Information page elsewhere on this website.

There is also a Greenways Facebook group, which is a good point to find out about any planed walks.

Users are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the Greenways Conditions of Use before embarking on a walk, noting in particular that motorised vehicles are not permitted on the Greenways network.

Maps and Track Images

A Google Map of the Greenway Tracks, which includes photographs of entrances and intersections on the various tracks, is available via the link provided below. This map will be helpful in planning your walk and, where mobile coverage is available, identifying your location when on the track.

Greenways Digital Google Map with pictures (updated October 2018)

There is also a printable, three A4 page flyer, containing the same information on the tracks and entrances (some pictures are still bring added), available via the following link:

Download the Bywong and Wamboin Greenways A4 Flyer (October 2018)

For specific Track Notes or previous Organised Walks visit the Community Walks Page.

Please comment or email us to give feedback and tell us how your walk went!

If you are into Geocaching there are a number located in Bywong and Wamboin areas on Greenways, there are even some Trig point caches too. A simple Internet search with… Bywong, Wamboin and geocache… will find a number of them.


Greenways Conditions of Use

The Greenways network is provided and maintained as a recreational resource for our community. Out of consideration for all users, and those residents whose properties border on the Greenways, users are asked to respect the following conditions of use:

  1. the Greenways are provided for pedestrian, horse and push bike traffic only. The use of motorised vehicles on dedicated Greenways (as distinct from roadside verges that provide links between dedicated Greenways) is specifically discouraged and, where possible, prohibited
  2. dogs must be leashed
  3. stock should not be grazed on the Greenways
  4. noise is to be kept to a minimum
  5. the carriage of firearms or other weapons and hunting activities are not permitted
  6. user groups are to remove their own rubbish
  7. users must respect private property and adjacent residents’ privacy
  8. gates or other exclusion mechanisms should be left as they are found
  9. no camping is to be permitted on the Greenways
  10. no fires are permitted on the Greenways other than as part of a legitimate prescription burning process agreed to by the Management Committee and implemented by the relevant fire authorities. Such burning will be aimed at conserving the ecological integrity of the Greenways
  11. user groups shall remain on defined track(s) within the Greenway
  12. there is to be no collection and/or removal of any natural or archaeological items from the Greenways
  13. all user groups are encouraged to report all problems or concerns to the Management Committee

Greenways Management

The Greenways are managed through a Committee of the Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council (QPRC). The Committee comprises representatives of the primary Greenways user groups and carries out necessary maintenance works through periodic working bees that are supported by voluntary labour provided by local residents.

Committee members can be contacted through the QPRC committee coordinator, Debby Ferguson (

Principles for management of the Greenways
  • That environmental protection be observed in relation to the management and administration of the Greenways;
  • That the Greenways (both land and its other resources) be used and managed as a sustainable resource, and;
  • That multiple use and enjoyment of the greenways be encouraged.
Objectives of the s.355 Greenways Management Committee

In providing for the good management of the Greenway and in carrying out duties, the committee has the following objectives:

To encourage and otherwise ensure the conservation of natural flora and fauna, to raise public awareness of the importance of the Greenways and to encourage any community participation in :

  • Any actions required in the management plan
  • Use of the Greenways in accordance with the Management Plan
  • To minimise the effect of trampling and soil erosion caused by user groups,
  • To deter the introduction and spread of feral plants and animals,
  • To protect the waterways, ephemeral or permanent,
  • To protect all identified significant areas or sites, whether environmental or cultural,
  • To provide and maintain the amenity of the Greenways for the enjoyment of the community




GRoW, the Greenways Renewal Working Group, is a group of local residents who organise walks along the existing Greenways and work to identify new paths that could be added to the network.

GRoW’s fundamental aim is to increase the network of public access ways/Greenways in the Bywong & Wamboin locality, connecting with other areas of the Queanbeyan-Palerang Region, to facilitate residents, visitors and other interest groups to undertake a range of safe, quiet non-motorised activities whilst protecting and enhancing the natural environment for all to enjoy.

GRoW is an affiliate of the Bywong Community Inc (Association).

The co-ordinator for the GRoW group is Nora Stewart (02) 62303305.