GRoW Group


The Bywong & Wamboin Greenways Renewal Working Group or GRoW group, is an ad-hoc group of local volunteers who work to:

  1. protect the existing greenway network of public lands from being sold off;
  2. to expand the network by identifying new paths that could be added, and to;
  3. support development of the network  with the aim of a with a comprehensive system of  track signs, track naming systems, maps and education materials.

GRoW also organises guided public walks along the existing Greenways network to provide an orientation to the local area. This is also necessary because the network is not fully marked with sign posts and tracks, and walkers often get put off or lost when attempting to navigate the network.

Our fundamental aim is to increase the network of public access ways/Greenways in the Bywong & Wamboin locality, connecting with other areas of the Queanbeyan-Palerang Region, to facilitate residents, visitors and other interest groups to undertake a range of safe, quiet non-motorised activities whilst protecting and enhancing the natural environment for all to enjoy.

GRoW is an affiliate of the Bywong Community Inc (aka Bywong Community Association).

JOIN NOW: Anyone who would like to join GRoW should APPLY HERE– it’s free.

CONTACT US:  Email GRoW group  Co-ordinator Nora Stewart.


  • Successfully engaged residents since 2010 by organising and guiding public walks across the network, with over 350 walkers to date. (2010, 2012, 2013,2014, 2015, 2016, 2020)
  • Developed an up-to-date map of the greenway network for walkers and other users.(2010)
  • Worked together to research the public land system in NSW to create wider knowledge of how the system works to assist us with our goals.
  • Worked with residents and other local groups to plant trees along a new greenway (Warramunga Close to Norton Road) put in as part of a land development.(2013)
  • Re-opened the Donnelly links between Millyn Road and Donnelly Road that had been closed off by a local resident for many years. This has enabled other local residents to walk and ride through the area.(2013)
  • Made a substantial contribution to the Greenways Master Plan, in collaboration with the Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council s.355 Greenways Management Committee. (2017)
  • Created a naming system for all track entrances/ exits, corners and junctions to assist with a series of 12 online walk maps, with accompanying walk descriptions.(2020)
  • Worked with Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council to create a mapping layer for the greenway network on the council GIS. (2020)

Other work

Having meetings and making submissions to local Council,to the NSW Government, and to elected representatives to draw attention to the need for improved management of public lands.

GRoW Genesis : Expansion of the pilot Greenways network

More than 30 people attended a meeting on 20th April 2010 to share information about the existing Greenways network in Bywong and Wamboin and to discuss what could be done about improving the network and potentially expanding it.There were many excellent contributions from a wide range of participants and the overall mood and outcome was extremely positive.

The outcome of the meeting was to form two groups – the Friends of the Greenways to support Greenways maintenance and potential development, and to have a smaller Greenways Renewal Working  (GRoW) Group to develop a clear strategy for maintenance and possible development of the Greenways.


You can find us on FaceBook – Greenways Bywong and Wamboin

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