The Bywong Community Association’s main objective is to strengthen connections between residents of Bywong and surrounding localities,  by holding events that bring the local community together and  by providing a forum for raising and resolving local issues. Our community is only as strong as it’s members make it, through their interest and involvement, so we invite all Bywong residents to get involved and help build a vital and strong community.

The Association organises a number of annual events including the Car Boot Sale and the Trivia Night, both of which are keenly anticipated and well attended. More information about our events can be located under Events. You can find out more about joining the Association by contacting us with your enquiry.

BCA Membership Form

Bywong Community constitution Sept 2012

BCA Nomination for Committee Form

Committee Members - from 24 Nov 2021

PresidentMike Wilkins
Vice PresidentNot filled
SecretaryNot filled (Mike Wilkins)
TreasurerJeanette Krah
Committee MembersJohn-Pierre Favre, Attilio Sciannimanica, Tim Sloane, Sharyn Cheeham, Steve Walker, Bob Angel
Public OfficerGreg Gougeon


27/06/2019Committee MeetingBCA_CM_27JUN2019_Agenda
21/05/2019Committee MeetingBCA_CM_20190521_Minutes_DRAFT_2
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08/11/2018General MeetingBCA_GM_20181108_Minutes
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Checksum: 93f14d89306db6b19929918a0ddf1a97
10/04/2017General MeetingBCA_GM_20170412_Minutes_DRAFT
28/11/2016General MeetingBCA_GM_20161128_Agenda
18/10/2016Extraordinary MeetingBCA_EM_20161018_Minutes
17/10/2016General MeetingBCA_GM_20161017_Agenda
13/09/2016Extraordinary MeetingBCA_EM_20160913_Agenda

17/08/2016Annual General Meeting
General Meeting



14/06/2016General MeetingBCA_GM_20160614_Minutes
21/04/2016General MeetingBCA_GM_20160421_Agenda

09/02/2016General MeetingBCA_GM_20160209_Agenda


2015/16President's ReportBCA_Presidents_Report_2015-16
10/08/2015General MeetingBCA_AGM_20150810_Minutes_Draft