Wheelie Sculpture Competition



Bywong and Wamboin outdoor art competition

Surely, somewhere in your shed or under the house, you have an old wheel, perhaps from a car, wheel barrow, or  bicycle?

Well, now you can show you are ‘wheelie creative’ by building a   sculpture/ montage: it can be something obvious or be an abstract collection of bits and pieces…as long as it has at least one wheel!

Our aim is to turn Bywong and Wamboin into a Sculpture Park that folks can tour by car and online.

There are three prizes of $100: for Best Local Sculpture,  Best Primary Student Sculpture and Best Secondary  Student Sculpture.

The Rules are simple:

  • Make a sculpture / montage with at least one wheel
  • By 30 October send your Name, Age, Address , a photo of your artwork and its Title to:  wheelsculpture@bywongcommunity.org.au
  • Display your creation from 1 -30 November on your gate or fence where it is visible to passers-by.
  • Prizes will be presented at the Bywong Christmas Gathering
    on Friday 4 December or online.