Clean Up Bywong


*** Postponed until we get CUA insurance clarification!!! ***



No need to tell you what the problem is – roadsides are littered with rubbish from passing traffic … can choose a section of a main road or just do out front of your own block…we need helpers! Importantly though we need to know that we are safe in doing so……and have been informed that volunteers cleaning up so called ‘arterial roads’ may not have insurance protection from CUA – or we believe – Council! This is a painful situation- and we are pursuing a solution…there’s no doubt that the roads need cleaning up- so watch this space……..

Please contact Steve at

Registration with Clean Up Australia gives insurance protection, helps us to keep across which areas are being cleaned or not!

It also helps us to organise final collection points of rubbish once completed. (Palerang council helps with this!)

Of course we can then supply you with plenty of strong garbage bags and a high visibility vest to help keep you safe.