Feb 032019

The annual car boot sale is on again.

SUNDAY 24th March 2019

Sellers to arrive between 7:00am–9:00am
(you will not be able to depart till 12:00 noon for safety of all buyers, sellers and volunteers)

$20.00 for sellers per car, no cost to come and buy.

Gates open at 9:00am–12:00 noon for buyers.

There will be coffee, tea and cakes, sausage sizzle etc…

Local groups will be providing information and a display from the dog flyball and Gearys Gap Pony Club are always great entertainment.

Proceeds that are raised on the day from sellers fees etc… are used by the Bywong Community Association for local projects and events for the Bywong Community!

Please contact us if you require further information.

  16 Responses to “2019 Bywong Car Boot Sale”

  1. Hi there – is it acceptable to bring a trailer load of goods? 😎

    • Yes Kate I believe you can bring a trailer. Not sure if it will be a charge for trailer and boot, but you will find out on the day.

  2. Do I pay on arrival with my car as a seller on the day ? AND. Can I bring a trailer as all my stuff won’t fit just in my boot or car ??

    • Hi Kate yes you turn up on the day to pay for your spot, there will be marshalls taking sellers fees and directing sellers to places. Yes you can bring a trailer, but as am unsure if it is an additional cost to your car boot.

  3. Can you please tell me how much it will cost to sell goods per boot please

  4. Do I have to book or do I just show up?

  5. Do we need to book a spot or do you just turn up on the day

  6. Is it still possible to get a spot as a seller please?

    • Hi Lily you turn up on the day to get a spot. Spots are not pre booked. You pay for your spot as you enter and marshalls direct you where to park and set up.

  7. I have some near new tyres of a new Toyota Landcruiser as well as springs after a ‘Tough Dog’ lift kit was installed. I am hoping I can bring these in the tray of the new cruiser and not be charged any more.

    Someone local may be interested.

    • Graeme I am not sure, it would depend if you had a boot full of items or not. I guess the idea is a boot and if people brought a trailer as well as a boot for the same price it would be inequitable. Potentially have this discussion on the morning when the marshalls see what you have brought.

  8. Can I bring my dog?

    • Hi Paul, we will have the fly ball dogs at the event. I have not had a response from the president (I asked to confirm) but I think in previous years it is ok, providing your dog is on a leash at all times, is under control and you pick up any brown surprises it may leave!

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